Further Notes on Chivalry

Irish raises an interesting point about Chivalry.

I will pose the question: Is Chivalry dead?

About a year ago, I was on the subway with my an ex-girlfriend. The car was full, a fair few people were standing. At the next stop, the person sitting near my girlfriend got up to exit the train. As she moves to take the seat, some little weasel jumps in front of her and tries to sit down.

I stopped him, asked him where his manners were, and that there were ladies standing up. As my girlfriend sat down (and I had to MAKE her sit, the ungrateful bitch) he acted abashed and apologized.   I thought nothing more of it.

At the next stop, I noticed the train mostly emptied out, leaving a few vacant seats, and he sat down nearby. The person sitting next to him caught his eye, and I thought he might chastize him.

Did he?

No – he positively SYMPATHIZED with the little rat! “Are you OK? It’s all right” he said. I couldn’t believe my ears. This bastard gets an earfull from me for being a dick, and I’M the bad guy?

I blame whatever parents raised him when he was growing up. Didn’t they teach him manners?

Maybe chivalry isn’t dead yet; but it’s being bludgeoned to death by idiots on trains who sympathize with bad manners.


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