Give it Up

I just saw this article on the NY Post website. I’m pretty sure this is the MTA’s swift response to Irish’s blog post:

MTA Fine if you don’t give a sit.

Look at the article title, by the way. Yeah; cute. Saying “sit” instead of “shit.” Very witty. Why don’t they just say “shit?” It’s only the New York Post, after all.

I think I’ve shown that I’m in favor of punishing those wankers who don’t give up their seats, but BREAKING THE LAW? People, are we so far gone that we need to legislate morality at such a minute level?

Really, let’s keep this in proportion. Not giving up your seat is rude, but so is abusing a waitress or the chap at Starbucks who fucks up your latte.
Are they going to make that illegal too? No, they’re not. Because it’s not a revenue source for the MTA.  Frankly, that’s their real motivation here.

Next you’ll be getting a ticket for telling the taxi driver to hurry up, and it’ll be on your record – to show you’re an “anti-social element.” It’s not that far-fetched; in the UK, they’ve had “Anti-Social Behaviour Orders” for several years now. (“ASBOs,” they call them. How appropriate.) By the way, they’ll know you did it because of the secret cameras they’ve planted in those TV sets that all the NYC taxis have (and which are extraordinarily annoying, by the way. Who the hell is Sara Gore, anyway?)

I learned today from a trusted source (Ahmed the driver) that the companies who got the job to install the TV sets are friends and family of Mayor Bloomberg. Simple corruption? I think not.

After that they’ll be around, knocking at your door in the middle of the night to take you to “re-education camp,” except they’ll call it “sensitivity adjustment training.” It’ll be like a cross between the movie Red Dawn and the Cultural Revolution in China.

And just think: it all starts with this stupid piece of legislation.  I implore you, if you ride the subways, to start abusing these idiots who won’t give up their seats. Then perhaps we can disprove the need for these fines, and get the rules amended, thus stemming the tide of oppression. The survival of our democracy, our very way of life, is at stake.


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