That’s one classy mofo!

So a recent BBQ discussion somehow got onto the topic of “what defines class?” (Because what makes you think “classy” more than sitting on dirty plastic chairs, wearing flip flops and drinking beer. Then again, it was premium import beer…)

Anyway, it was an interesting question to which we all had a different spin. We agreed that money does not buy class, but I posited that some people are more classy than their means allow them to show. And I don’t mean because we can’t afford a 3000 dollar suit, or a jaunty nautical skipper’s hat to wear to the country club. I mean to the extent that some people may like to make the acts of kindness and generosity that I think represent a really classy person, but you know, you have to pay the bills so time and money gets stretched.

So perhaps class is about demonstrating that you have the right priorities in life and a strong respect for other people? In any case, we did not find the answer… Or not a concensus anyway!

So in the words of one half of famed New York ubercouple “JuDo”, I will ask you, our fearless readers: “do you ever just see someone and think ‘that there is one classy motherfucker!'”? What makes said mofo so classy?

Now, don’t get all preachy though… This blog is about “the small stuff” remember, so let’s hear your tips for the LITTLE things that you think make someone a real classy mofo. Like holding a door open or holding the elevator, even for ugly people.

Let the debate begin!

— Irish


5 Responses to “That’s one classy mofo!”

  1. Per wikipedia: Of a superior type; especially, exhibiting admirable personal qualities.

    I’d say its two primary things: 1) being separate/distinct from the rest of society and 2) being admired by others – and being accepted by other elite.

    • clightnirish Says:

      Good input “Do”. I would add that it is pretty classy to embrace your half of your bromance name. I wonder if “Ju” is equally classy?

  2. kingdom solace Says:

    The British would define ‘class’ as something you could only be born into. It was perhaps in the past also closely linked to wealth, old money not new. I however, would define class as something others would describe you as, rather than yourself. It is perhaps, an unconcious state of mind that allows you to live life reacting to social divisions with out judgement. Then again, maybe it’s just being able to drink a bottle of scotch and not make a dick of yourself.

    • clightnirish Says:

      Kingdom Solace: Very true! I think the last sentence is on point – that is class, James Bond style. Let’s face it, was there anyone classier than Sean Connery’s James Bond? I think not.

  3. Nothing says class like a high alcohol tolerance.

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