Twelve-year-old begs for end of war

Kashmir. Gaza. Iraq. Bosnia. Afghanistan. Rwanda. Iraq again. Darfur. Iraq Still. Kids under 15 today have all grown up on the modern diet of “war with a side of over-aggression”.

So is it any wonder that the “tween-age” girls of the world have openly declared war on each other?

I wish I was joking people, but I am sad to say that despite Disney’s best efforts to shelter them, someone recently enlightened me that 12-year-old girls everywhere are turning all “Hannah Mon-handgun” on us.

The motivation: lovers of Mattel’s “MyScene” line who have waged an online smear campaign questioning the sexual promiscuity of the competing “Bratz” line of dolls (just one example).


Tramps, Sluts or just plain Whores? You be the judge.

Tramps, Sluts or just plain Whores? You be the judge.



Not surprisingly this has sparked a wave of response from Bratz-loving little girls everywhere, standing up for their favored large-craniumed, loose-moraled ho-dolls (one such retaliation).

For years now, Amazon comment boards, Facebook and MySpace have been atwitter with poorly worded verbal tyrades of questionable grammar and fourth grade spelling (there is only one T in the word “slut”, girls).

So thank heavens for 12-year-old Chelsea Churro, who called out on Amazon for a truce:
“So, are you absolutely positively fed-up with the endless war between My Scene and Bratz fans? Have you recently created peace between other Amazon reviewers such as my friends Lauren(LGP3LNC) and Sara Siblini have? Now, are you ready to create a peaceful world of play?”.  

Thank goodness for people like Chelsea.  The future of the world relies on such powerful messages. But I am left to wonder: “where has the mainstream media been on this topic?”

 Surely this warrants an AC360 special report? Or Fox News… come on, this is your bread and butter – “good ol’-fashioned American values being corrupted” – where have you been on this issue?  

I hope my message will raise the profile of the issue and provoke a governmental response. Last week, President Obama said the US can not solve all the world’s problems … but for a homegrown problem like this, surely the White House can have Sasha and Malia help the two sides broker a peace deal during a pretend tea party in the Rose Garden? 

— Irish


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