Clights Out Night

Have you seen this blogger?

Have you seen this blogger?

— UPDATE: Get your Clights Out Night merchandise at clightniriSHOP

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your emails of concern over the long absence of my co-conspirator, our dear friend Clight.

Indeed, Clight has been the subject of a blogosphere-wide manhunt since his last post in July. At this point, police have closed their case on Clight, declaring that, as a pseudonym or avatar of some other individual that may or not even be missing, they have wasted enough weeks with their investigation as it is.

I still believe he is either being held captive in a basement at Crayola, as retribution for his public shallacking of their new policies; or he just ran into Basil the moose again.

In respect for Clight’s wonderful contributions and to hopefully give him the courage to write again, I hereby announce that October 25th will be declared “Clights Out Night” and at 7pm we ask all our readers to turn out all the lights in your home and sit in the dark thinking about Clight. Maybe, just maybe, Clight might see one of the two to three dark windows that this will represent across the city, and be coaxed into writing for us again.

I truly hope so… “n Irish” is just a crap name for a blog.

— Irish


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