Ad Nauseum

I just had a weird dream in which I ran into “Little Bit of Luck” from the MegaMillions ad, which freaked me out. (BTW, I am still waiting for that little bit of luck to drop in real life.)

This got me thinking: What if people from ads were really all out there. I wonder how they would go in the real world?

Let’s start with the Dentyne guy who says “friend request” when he offers you gum. Dude, friend requests from strangers are annoying enough on Facebook. No-one would ever take your gum, weirdo.

And how about the AT&T mom who washes dirty minutes, and carries them around in her bag and tells her family off about wasting them. Lady, you won’t need minutes where you are going. The padded walls don’t allow any signal – ESPECIALLY not if you’re with AT&T.

And what of the Verizon FiOS guy, always passive-aggressively dissing the Cable Guy? He’s an arrogant douchebag if ever there was one. In the real world, that big “ginger ninja” unit would have throttled him by now. And we know Cable Guy would win the fight hands down…. he has a beard.

— Irish


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