Strange Weather Phenomena

So the past few weeks I have been noticing something weird with New Yorkers and winter. Particularly new Yorkers and sunny winter days.

No sunglasses.

Okay maybe not NO sunglasses, but their numbers definitely reduce to “endangered species” proportions.

While nearly every face is decked out in whatever trends are demanding – pink plastic 80s styles for girls last summer for example – come October it’s like the friggin’ things hybernate or something.

The sun is still out and glaring just as bright. Do people realize it still has the same effect regardless of temperature?I wonder if there are more traffic accidents resulting from sun-blinded motorists? And you would think super-vain NYers would be worried about the lifelong effects off all that squinting!!

It reminds me of the opposite effect that used to bug my old man in Australia. In the midst of summer, 36 Celsius (100 or so in Fahrenheit terms) and 99% humidity, but the second a drop of rain would fall… People put on jumpers (sweaters)!?!?! It’s still ridiculously hot people… Ten minutes ago you were standing in the pool with a coldie. Now the water is just coming to you. But the temperature did not just halve!

I have to admit, I was guilty of wearing shorts to go to the Grand Canyon in the middle of December… I just thought red rock = hot temperature… But by the same token, once I felt the freezing temperature, walking through the snow, I bought a classy souvenir hoodie. I didn’t insist that my thoughts overrode the obvious input of my body’s senses.

Yet somehow, millions of New Yorkers manage it everyday. I guess I am the odd one here!

— Irish


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