Happy Thanksgiving… and the next day

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!! Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday weekend.

I do have to gripe a little about one small thing that bugs me with Thanksgiving though: “Day After Thanksgiving”.

Now don’t get me wrong… I have no problem taking the extra day off work. I like milking historical events for extra public holidays more than John Goselin likes milking his family turmoils for publicity.

However, I have a serious problem with the name: “Day After Thanksgiving”. That is such a cop out! Where was the Protestant work ethic of the Pilgrims when that name was decided? Where is the creativity? The mystery? The romance?

It’s like Congress wanted the arvo off when they wrote the holiday into law and someone said “let’s just call it ‘Day After’ and get out in time for happy hour!”

In Anglo-centric countries we have a similar bonus holiday after Christmas, but at least we call it “Boxing Day” – to both show some creativity, and generate hours of family conversation debating just why the hell we do call it that.

Imagine if Australia’s biggest annual cricket match was called the “Day After Christmas Test”. David Boon would have lacked the extra inspiration to make that catch and Shane Warne would have retired without a much-deserved hat-trick. (Translation for non-Australians: it would suck.)

So I think it’s time we honored those fine people that sat down to the first Thanksgiving by giving their holiday an appropriately-gloriously-named “anteday”.

How about:
– National Tryptophan Coma Day
– Family Reparation Day
– Leftover Lovers’ Friday
– Loose-Waisted Sweatpant Day
– or “You had your turkey, now piss off and don’t come back here until Christmas” Day.

Wow it is kind of hard to name this sucker. I am starting to see the problem that they had originally. I am sure you guys can come up with some better suggestions.

— Irish


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