Killing us for our own good

It’s official. I don’t think there is anything left to eat that doesn’t cause an increased risk of cancer, heart disease or restless leg syndrome.

We recently roasted a chicken at home and when it arrived from FreshDirect, I thought we scored a bargain. “Look, we paid for a chicken, but they sent us a turkey! ….or an emu perhaps!”

Everyone has heard of growth hormones in the chicken, but I had not seen a whole raw bird in a while and this really hit the point home. This thing had wings like a 747 and must have been at least a 40DD in the breast department.

This prompted discussion about a news story with a friend, and a few Internet searches later, and I am suddenly Paul McCartney. I never want to imbibe another ounce of “commercially farmed” meat again. I feel worse than I did right after reading Fast Food Nation.

And “Big Meat” is getting smarter – they are telling us that the bad shit is for our own GOOD now. Like arsenic, right? They feed it to chickens to kill bacteria and disease, which might be bad for us. But as it turns out, it doesn’t get quite as “flushed out” of their system as they once presumed. And when they DO poop it out, a reasonable amount is then fed to cattle or pigs, which we eat anyway. Or washed into the ground water. Which we drink. Sure, that must be great for us all!

Someone needs to sing the brainiacs at Purdue and Tyson that nursery rhyme: “There was an old woman that swallowed a fly”. Because they seem to have us swallowing spiders to catch our flies. And I dunno why… But we all know how the rhyme ends!

So, I am starting to think this organic idea might really have legs – at least for me.

And being organic, at least it will have appropriately sized legs, and the correct number thereof. Which is a lot to ask these days!

— Irish


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