Clights Out Night Reader Response

A reader ponders the absence of Clight.

As you may have noticed if you recently read “The Scarlet Pimpernel” or “Et Tu, Big Bird?”, Clight is back in action amusing us all with his insightful prose, after a mid-year hiatus.

And, readers, we have YOU to thank for that. Thanks to everyone who participated in Clights Out Night in October and showed your support for the cause. You both should give yourselves a pat on the back.

I personally was whelmed when 25% of our regular readers sent in a photograph from their own Clights Out event. And that photo is shown to the left.

Thanks for the support, and for bringing Clight back from his blog hiatus!

Oh and PS.. if anyone has any experience offloading 99 unpurchased charity day t-shirts without making a total loss, please email Will reward you with a free t-shirt.

— Irish


2 Responses to “Clights Out Night Reader Response”

  1. welcome home!

  2. Did you count the person taking the photo of the lights-out-clight zealot?

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