Clighting the Olympic Flame: the small stuff hits the big time

At Clight’n’Irish, we take great pride in celebrating “the small stuff”: the little things that fly under the radar but have a profound impact on the shape of the world. Like crayon names.

In 2010, as the eyes (well, mainly just the blue eyes) of the world (well, the parts where skiing is not just something you do on the Wii) turn towards Vancouver for the Winter Olympics, our eyes will be firmly on a guy who is not necessarily gunning for Gold – but is there to prove that the small stuff is so much more interesting than conventional wisdom. Conventional wisdom like “a dude from Ghana can’t compete at the Winter Olympics”.

Kwame “The Snow Leopard” Nkrumah-Acheampong is on his way to smashing that conventional wisdom – at high speed on a steep slope – and he’ll be doing it all with the proud support of Clight’N’Irish on his trademark leopard-spotted skisuit!

Kwame will carry the flag of Ghana in multiple downhill skiing events at the Games, and Clight’n’Irish will be there for every turn – both watching on TV and along for the ride on the Snow Leopard’s suit.

So forget Anton Apolo Ohno. Forget Team USA vs Canada in the hockey. Jump on board the Kwame train and let’s enjoy these Winter Games!

And who says he won’t come home with Gold? To those that would say “no chance”, I have three simple words: Google ‘Steven Bradbury’.

— Irish


One Response to “Clighting the Olympic Flame: the small stuff hits the big time”

  1. CJ (CMO) Says:

    This is the greatest thing ever…this better not be a rick roll tho….. consider me on board supporting Ghana for gold!!!

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