The Inherent Communism of Market Segementation

There’s either something wrong with the way TV ads are paired to appropriate programming, or I really shouldn’t be watching what I do.

Why is there a 3-minute ad for the “Prayer Cross” while I’m watching a documentary about early 19th Century Mountain Men in the Rockies? I don’t see how the program in any way speaks to the kind of person who would purchase that obscene pseudo-religious tchotchke.

The mighty Titan Peeler

The mighty Titan Peeler.

The food network needs to get its act together as well. “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” – watching it makes you a bit hungry. That’s until they show an extended ad for cat litter. Not just any cat litter, either; apparently it’s infused with ammonia. Graphic visual representation of the feline excremental process is completely uncalled for, in any context. On it’s heels: the diabetes meter. They’re just telling their viewers: “We know you’re an overweight cat lover. Buy this shit.”  It’s offensive. While watching a food show, it’s revolting.

Why must we be subjected to these excesses of demographic stereotyping?

I can’t imagine the kind of mis-advertising they’ll commit during the Snow Leopard’s bid for Olympic glory. As a concerned viewer, I’m expressing my displeasure now, in advance. It’s a pre-emptive strike against a serious source of future aggravation.



One Response to “The Inherent Communism of Market Segementation”

  1. Shelley Says:

    Hi Hon
    Nice to see that you survived the white Christmas!
    Love reading your feeds – keep ’em coming!

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