Now Showing: your extra pounds

Clight recently asked how marketers are choosing their advertising timeslots… well I just discovered the confused targeting goes beyond TV media buying in even stranger ways.

The scene: Midway Cinema Queens, concession lobby. The usual junk surrounds… concession stand, butter, napkin & ketchup dispensers. That “use the claw to try to grab a crappy prize” game. And then, right next to the men’s bathroom, there it is. The “Know Your Exact Weight” machine.

This is so wrong on so many levels. Let’s just imagine for a second that there is SOMEONE who goes to the cinema and thinks, “hang on, it’s just the trailers still, let me just check my weight on the way in”. Who are you imagining in your head? It’s not a dude is it? So why is it next to the men’s bathroom?

Next issue. The eight-inch red digital display. If you need to check your weight before you decide whether to get the 2-ton or 3-ton popcorn bucket, I highly doubt you want to advertise it to the whole concession lobby. Why don’t they just project it out on the cinema marquee as well?

Now the details… closer inspection reveals that the machine also says “get your lucky lottery numbers”… So are they saying that my weight will be six digits? That is just below the (admittedly rather tight – yes… I had to punch an extra hole) belt.

I hope this phenomenon at least cuts both ways, and next time I am at the doctor’s office, I can watch the next Harry Potter and get a 4-pint cup of Frozen Blue Raspberry while I wait.

— Irish


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