The Leopard on the Prowl

It begins tonight. In Vancouver, Canadia. One man lives the dream. Walking proudly into the cauldron of Olympic competition carrying the flag of his nation. And the hopes and dreams of two bloggers and their three to four readers on his back.

Over the next 12 days, Kwame “The Snow Leopard” Nkrumah-Acheampong will go where no man from Ghana has ever gone before… downhill (repeatedly) in Winter Olympic competition – smashing accepted wisdom and stereotypes at high-speed and leaving a trail of goodwill and public support in his wake.

We salute you Snow Leopard – you are one of the true heroes that makes the Winter Games a real representation of the human spirit, rather than just a snowy sports carnival for the Aspen elite. Best of luck!!!

Readers… One more cliche for you: check your local guides for coverage.

Go, Snow Leopard, Go!

— Clight n Irish


2 Responses to “The Leopard on the Prowl”

  1. clightnirish Says:

    That’s right, it’s us and the Snow Leopard against the world of alpine elitism.

    Watch as he pits himself against the old guard of downhill skiing: The Austrians, as they yodel their way down the slopes; the Swedes who will be busy assembling their ski kit (one ski is called “Flarke” and the other is “Bodlum”) only to find two of the essential tools missing from the package; the Germans, with ski poles that double as machine guns; the French who will fart in his general direction (forgetting that their ski suit is air tight); the Italians, who, well… are Italian and might have to stop for an espresso; and the host country, Canada, whose winter athletes are widely reported to suffer from Reefer Madness.

  2. check out this website: They have an ‘Adinkra’ tshirt which has the same Ghanaian symbols Snow Leopard has on his white ski suit! It hasn’t released yet tho…they plan to launch march 3

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