LeopardWatch: Alpine course plagued by wintry conditions

Leopard Lovers everywhere are praying to Mother Nature that Kwame’s first run in the Giant Slalom (next Sunday 21 Feb) won’t be interrupted, after the initial events scheduled in the Alpine condition this weekend were delayed due to inclement winter weather.

That’s right, folks – skiing events were delayed by, well… snow.

No Skiing Sign

A unique approach in Vancouver: Winter Olympics without the annoying skiing

In all the planning over the past 6 years, and despite the combined powers of the International Olympic Committee and the International Ski Federation, it seemed no-one predicted that there might be snow and sleet and rain in the middle of February at Whistler. Which is hosting the WINTER Olympics.

Practices are being cancelled faster than NBC late-night programs and events are being re-scheduled left, right and center. So far the only thing going downhill in Whistler is the public’s (already mild) interest in the Alpine program.  No word yet on whether the Hockey will have to be cancelled due to the cold conditions at the Rink, or whether the Figure Skating will go ahead despite complaints from the neighbors about the volume of all that campy music.

Thankfully, the Snow Leopard is keeping the public’s eyes on the Games with the Ghana House Party tonight – possibly the only event going ahead in Whistler today, because of clever planning to hold it indoors.  Smart move, Leopard – they should give you the Gold medal now, just for your foresight.

Seriously though, let’s all hope for good weather so Kwame can get in some good preparation for his assault on the Giant Slalom next Sunday. Go Leopard!


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