What did Ginger ever do to you?

I find myself compelled to correct a societal injustice that has bothered me for a long time. The teasing of “Ginger” haired people in society.

But the injustice I see is not against the “redheads”. I believe this injustice befalls a much-less-likely victim: the tasty and curative root spice that we know as “Ginger”.

For too long, Ginger has been associated (often as a pejorative term or insult) with people of the “ranga” variety. It has been maligned by this association on sites such as the now defunct “gingerkids.org” and by its association with the skankiest, trampiest Spice Girl.

And what is my beef with this situation?only that the connection between “ginger” and these “auburn types” is entirely unfounded.

If you slice a piece of fresh ginger, or pour yourself a Ginger Beer or Ale, you will note a decidedly yellow or golden color. Certainly, the color is distinctly more like blonde hair than red hair. So why does poor old Ginger have to sit with the uncool kids at lunch time?

Turmeric: letting Ginger take the rap for decades.

Turmeric: letting Ginger take the rap for decades.

Indeed, another root used as a spice – Turmeric – should be copping this flak, not poor old Ginger. If you cut open a piece of fresh Turmeric it glows with a color that hasn’t been seen since Conan was cancelled on NBC. Perhaps we should be calling our “carrot-topped” friends “Tumerics”, instead. Granted, “Turmeric Ninja” is much less impactful (but could be a good name for a band).

So, I implore you — it is time we gave old Ginger a rest and let it take its rightful place as ‘just a great culinary ingredient’, unhampered by the weight of this association.

Next time you find yourself entangled in a wordy stoush with a red-haired combatant, might I suggest using the much more hue-appropriate, yet equally insulting “Fanta Pants”.

The world will be a better place for it.

— Irish


One Response to “What did Ginger ever do to you?”

  1. cj murphy Says:

    i must agree…the smell of raw ginger actually makes me incredibly nauseas and faintish…just ask the kind folk at the ginger factory on the sunshine coast queensland…Now no one around me was a ‘rednut’ so we did actually put it down to the ginger…therefore if this were a correct term the very smell of these people should make me the same…in light of this i would like to propose the new word for such peeps is cherries, its nice and sweet and most people enjoy a good cherry…you can pop a cherry, you can pick a cherry…you can even put a cherry on top…now tell me that doesnt fit a whole letter better!

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