LeopardWatch: Spotted Sunday Beckons

Well, the IOC managed to overcome it’s fear of snow and rain and actually get some skiiers moving in the customary downhill direction.

So now the eyes of the world turn to the one BIG story of these games.

Some people may say the big story is “Mogul Man” finally winning a home gold for the Canucks. But how is that news? Canada HAS snow. Ghana, on the other hand, doesn’t.

This Sunday, the Snow Leopard Frenzy hits new heights (I would say “fever pitch” but I’d prefer to forget that Jimmy Fallon movie) as Kwame plows downhill in the Giant Slalom, carrying the support of Clight n Irish on a few of his spots!

Some people are perhaps going too far in showing their support of the Leopard.

For first time Alpine Skiing enthusiasts, let me help out with the lingo: Giant Slalom is just like regular Slalom, but with really, really big flags. Like a spinnaker strung between football posts. And all the competitors are at least 8 feet tall. (As far as I know anyway, perhaps you want to check here…)

So put on your best leopard print knickers and tune in Sunday (Vancouver time). Better yet, get out and cheer in a bar and recruit more people to the Leopard’s cause (in this case, though, please wear jeans over your spotted thong).

— Irish


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