Blades of Glory: The Documentary

Until watching the Men’s Olympic Figure Skating last week (under duress, I swear!) I had no idea that the movie Blades of Glory was a documentary.

It’s a highly entertaining sport, if you like drag shows (or enjoy watching people making asses of themselves – which is becoming a national sport in its own right.)

Johnny Weir

"This one goes out to all my homies..."

Despite his failure to place in the top 3, US skater Johnny Weir’s tasseled corset costume earns him the inaugural Clight-n-Irish Pink Medal.  His Bio claims that he “has consistently declined to answers questions about his sexuality.” That confuses me – what question could there possibly be about his sexuality? The man has two pet Chihuahuas named “Bon-Bon” and “Vanya.”

The real shock of the games thus far is that Evgeni “My enemies fear me” Plushenko was robbed of the gold medal. How can the only man in the top 3 to perform a Quad (the “One Louder” of figure skating) come away with a mere second place, you ask?  Obviously the judges were bribed.

Lest you think the “Blades of Glory” parallel is flimsy, I invite you (at your own risk) to view the following masterpiece of figure skating, by the current World Champion. If you can watch for long enough, enjoy the female commentator’s remarks at the 3:20 mark.



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