LeopardWatch: Canucks decide it’s “NO LEOPARD” for Giant Slalom

We built up anticipation for Sunday’s big first run in the Giant Slalom, but “Spotted Sunday” was snowed out.  So we picked you up off the floor, dusted the discarded appetizers and little umbrellas from one too many cocktails off your shirt, and said, let’s do it again Tuesday night.

But alas, Leopard Lovers, like a bad day at the zoo, you won’t see a Leopard today.

This morning, the entry list for the Men’s Giant Slalom was missing it’s biggest drawcard: with the name “K. Nkrumah-Acheampong” suddenly missing from the list.

So I wrote to Kwame, who just informed me he that was deemed ineligible from this event by VANOC (the organizing committee for the Games) under some kind of “new rules”.   The very same VANOC that sent him forms as a qualifier for both the Giant and the Slalom, and that until a couple days ago was showing him as a participant in both events.

And, yes, the same VANOC that doesn’t seem to have had a contingency plan in case it might (imagine this for an unlikely event) actually snow at the Winter Olympics.

The whole thing rings of some kind of conspiracy, probably cooked up by those shifty Austrians, looking to remove a threat from their chance at a medal clean sweep (in the end, they got none). Or perhaps, by US medal chance, Ted “Shred” Ligety, who is just annoyed someone has a cooler nickname now.

Either way, Kwame is Kwame, and managed to find the lighter side of the whole mysterious debacle when relaying the news to me: “So, I carried 2 Giant Slalom skis here for nothing”, he joked.

So, once again we turn our attention ahead a few days. To Saturday, the Men’s Slalom, and the guarantee that the Leopard will finally ski at these Games.  New rules, stupid Canadian bureaucrats and the winter weather are simply no match for a man on a mission.

— Irish

PS… congratulations though to Leyti Seck of Senegal who finished 73rd!!


One Response to “LeopardWatch: Canucks decide it’s “NO LEOPARD” for Giant Slalom”

  1. cj murphy Says:

    what a pile o shit! These olympic organisers should be looking for every bit of great press they can get?! The man came to race…LET HIM RACE! And just so everyone is clear that says ‘austrians’ not australians! We would have a whole field of underdogs if we could!

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