Will Ferrell: Traffic Magnet

The accepted wisdom is that “sex sells”.

And our blog traffic (perhaps sadly) supports that case, with a consistent stream (2-3 every day) of pervs that reach our post on Bratz dolls after googling a phrase like “teenage sluts” (…. hmmm, just the standard of clientele we are looking for.)

But it turns out that something sells even more than sex: Will Ferrell.

The two biggest days ever on Clight N Irish – and I mean “like-crazy-huge-outlier-that-dwarfs-even-the-nearest-competitor” big – were the day Clight mentioned Ron Burgundy and yesterday when he wrote about Blades of Glory.

Will Ferrell: face it... he's why you came here too!

And it’s not just a Clight N Irish anomaly – the dude has one of the most popular and famous viral videos of all time with the now infamous “The Landlord” spot (plus its countless fan parodies), and had to quit Twitter because of the influx of comments and high fan expectations that every tweet would be a ‘knockout punchline’.

All in all, this means two things:
1) there is hope out there that funny guys can make it HUGE without traditional Hollywood looks (lucky for us Clight!); and
2) this blog post should be our most popular ever.

Especially if I can also think of a way to subtly mention “Talladega Nights” in the last sentence.

— Irish


3 Responses to “Will Ferrell: Traffic Magnet”

  1. cj murphy Says:

    well u no he is kind of a big deal!

  2. clightnirish Says:

    That’s true, CJ, but so is Will Ferrell!

  3. clightnirish Says:

    Turns out Will didn’t deliver… but does have 3 o f the top 4 days on C’n’I in his cap now. Turns out the ultimate traffic driver combination is Steve Jobs, murderous Orcas and a dude from Neighbours.

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