LeopardWatch: Finally, we get the runs…

Much has been promised by these Games.  And little has been delivered.  But on the final weekend, two weeks after the shemozzle of an opening ceremony, we get the big events that everyone was hoping for. Canada vs America in the Hockey Final. And the Snow Leopard will finally be unleashed.

That’s right folks, for a total of about two-and-a-half minutes the Leopard will live the dream, starting with Run 1 at 10am Vancouver time (about 3 hours from the time of this post). And run two comes 3 hours later.

In the US, they are currently showing it as scheduled during the primetime coverage on NBC (so delayed telecast, 8pm on the East Coast) – other readers will have to check your local coverage.

So “spot up”, get some friends together and cheer on the Snow Leopard, as he challenges “the Iceman”, “Teddy Shred”, “Cuche the Butcher”, “the Blitz from Pitz” and various other nicknames for one of the final pieces of Olympic gold left at these Games.

Send us your thoughts on the event or your message of congratulations, and we will pass them on to Kwame directly.

Go Leopard, Go!

— Irish


2 Responses to “LeopardWatch: Finally, we get the runs…”

  1. shemozzle.

  2. Afua Owusu Says:

    Great effort, you are a winner!

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