LeopardWatch: Post-Olympic Update

For two weeks in February, our blog was taken over with Snow Leopard fever… keeping up with Kwame Nkrumah-Acheampong’s inspiring feats representing underdogs everywhere as the first Ghanaian Winter Olympian.  Since the Olympics – where he finished in the top 50 and completed both runs in tricky conditions, while many others fell – Kwame has been catching up with his truckload of fan mail, and weighing up what comes next.

Clight’n’Irish were recently in touch with Kwame, and are pleased to give you the inside scoop that rumors of Kwame’s competitive retirement are greatly overstated. The fire still burns in the heart of the Snow Leopard… who told Irish he is seriously considering “maybe skiing competitively for one more year”.

His Olympic experience was just as amazing as it was for us watching him. “It was an experience I will not forget, crossing the line,” he said. But, competitive as always, he still was looking to have set a better time, having been hampered by the bad weather conditions, and slippery course. “My Olympic skiing compared to my normal skiing showed a vast difference in speed.”

Though not yet set on retirement, Kwame is shifting his focus onto his project to build a slope in Ghana to train youngsters to follow in his ski-tracks. “I am a happy man and looking forward to developing the next Snow Leopards,” he told us.

And we will be looking forward to cheering them on, Kwame.

We’ll keep you posted on any of Kwame’s events this year, but in the meantime, you can support his projects at ghanaskiteam.com

— Irish


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