Standing up for your feet!

If Paul Revere were still alive, he would right now be mounting his steed (that’s what she said) and screaming the warning, “the Irish is coming”. And he would be screaming that warning in the direction of: dressy shoes. I’ve had about enough of them!!

If you walk the average city street in the morning, you see a strange phenomenon that grew in the 90s (or maybe stretches back to the 80s): business people in suits – men and women – wearing sneakers.

I say this is a strange phenomenon, not because they do it, but because it is even necessary. The very fact that they take this step (pun intended) only affirms that the formal footwear that society dictates a businessperson shoul wear is not only unnatural, but, in my mind, downright inhumane.

If we acknowledge that dress shoes are neither healthy nor comfortable to walk TO work in, then why do people switch to those spine-misaligning, arch-flattening loafers or those balance-impeding, ice-pick heels once they reach the office?

It’s counter-evolutionary. We’ve found types of footwear which provide good support and even improve athletic ability. Why do we keep the others around at all?

Fashion and ‘proper’ dressing you say? Ha! Corsets, ruffled collars and powdered wigs were once dictated as part of ‘proper dressing’, but when was the last time you wore any of those? And if it’s okay to wear your sneakers down the street TO work – where hundreds of people see them – then why not AT work, under your desk – where NOBODY sees them?

Think about it… you know I’m right. Who do you think cares about you more… me, or Salvatore Ferragamo?

— Irish


One Response to “Standing up for your feet!”

  1. …i wear runners to work and at work all the time =P

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