I’m Wiggin’ Out, Man!!

I’m a pet lover. I have a decent handful of them by anyone’s standards – both canine and feline – hanging around Chateau Irish. Well, actually I have four, so I guess that is only a handful if you are an animated character or had a run-in with a band-saw. But I digress.

Anyway, although I have cats and dogs, they tend to work on the same principle as little pigs. By which I mean the ceramic variety. There’s always something new that requires you to put a little more money into them.

For a long time, I have aired reservations against clothing for cats (although the dog’s raincoat is a godsend). I have been known to do a fancy collar (Zucca is currently sporting a very rock princess number, pink with black skulls) or the occasional Halloween costume for amusement, but “the cat’s pyjamas” is just a turn of phrase, people. Your cat doesn’t actually need pyjamas. (Nor do your bananas for that matter, but lets not even go there.)

However last night, I discovered something that REALLY made me grimace.  I can’t put it into words, so I will just share it with you:

Oh, sweet Jesus... my eyes! My eyyyyyyes!!!!

Kitty wigs!?!?! On multiple websites. You can make your kitty a blonde bombshell, sexy brunette, punk out with blue or pink, or even go grey. Surely this is considered cruelty? Someone must stop this fake feline follicle folly (I could think of a fifth word to continue that alliteration, but there might be kids reading).

But just as I was ready to write to Pamela Anderson or Alec Baldwin, I discovered something SO MUCH WORSE.

Oh, good God! Someone help those poor defenseless animals.

Seriously, no cat wants to walk around like this.  The eyes on the one in the middle practically say, “someone is going to be cut into ribbons once I get rid of this tiara”.  I know cats are associated with royalty,  but even the cats at Chateau de Versailles are not running around dressed like Marie Antoinette!

People, your cats have hair already. Sure it does not look like yours, but then, they also have a tail, and you don’t. (If you do, there is no point trying to convert you now, you have gone way to far already.) And there is a reason they call that hair a “coat”. Because that is ALL they need to wear. It’s a simple principle… you don’t wear anything on the outside of your coat – same goes for your cat.

Why have PETA not done anything about this?

— Irish


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