Oh yeah, did anyone notice the date?

May 22nd, 2010.  Last Saturday. If you were watching CNN you would know it was the day that insurgents attacked a NATO base in Afghanistan. President Obama addressed the Cadets graduating at West Point, and then announced the commission on the Gulf of Mexico oil debacle. The Vatican called the results of some synthetic cell creation research “interesting”, suggesting they may be moving into the 21st century. Alfalfa became just the next in a long line of ‘greens’ to fall victim to a salmonella recall.

And in lesser noticed news, a little blog about the small stuff just turned a year old.

We’ve achieved so much in a single year. That’s the benefit of starting with little or no expectations. Anything seems impressive. (And I would know, I am a Nets fan).

But who would have thought a year ago when the blog was conceived and named in Nelson Blue bar at the South Street Seaport, that in the next year we would have:

  • sponsored a Winter Olympic athlete;
  • been given a video plug by a cast member from “Neighbours”;
  • unearthed the sordid side of the orca underworld;
  • had comments from readers as far afield as Ghana;
  • publicly lambasted the folly of major corporations like Crayola, PBS, Delta and Apple;
  • inspired a fan page on Facebook?

But for me, the best part of writing the blog was summed up on that exact day last Saturday, when (according to the blog stats I checked on Sunday) we received traffic from somebody googling the phrase “torch mcgee”.  Now, I don’t know if they saw it on a Crazy Torch McGee t-shirt out there in the world somewhere, or just remembered the post on Crazy Torch from way back and wanted to relive the heroism of this unsung MTA worker, but either way… it tells us that at least one person is having fun with us.

And that’s what has us looking forward to a second year of the small stuff.

— Irish


    One Response to “Oh yeah, did anyone notice the date?”

    1. lil_b Says:

      most defs the best blog going. keep up the good work guys =)

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