Clights Out Night 2010 (UPDATED)

Just like your office’s annual “Hawaiian Shirt” day, the day we all hoped would not came around again is back for 2010. Or should I say, “the night”.

By a 75% landslide, you, our loyal readers, decided that it was time to take action and once again announce “Clights Out Night” for another year.

The reason for the silence of my sharp-witted, razor-tongued and eloquently-vocabularied partner in blogdom is known to no-one but his enigmatic self. But we hope that, as in 2009, your Clights Out Night vigils of darkeness will again bring him out of hybernation (or at least save you a few dollars on your electrical bill).

So on Friday August 2oth, at 9pm (in your local time, wherever you are), we ask our readers to turn out all the lights in your home and sit in darkness and ponder the mystery of our missing wordsmith. As someone (should have) said last year, “No Clight Means No Light!”

Again we hope that in whatever corner of the world he is in, Clight will see the light in hundreds – nay, thousands – of homes around him, go out… 99.9% of them purely by coincidence, but how will he know?

We must discourage the practice of throwing light bulbs from windows, that was rumored to have become popularized by this event last year, but in my mind could have been connected to any number of similarly themed events on the same time and date.

As with last year, promotional merchandise – which was a top seller amongst all C’n’I items in 2009 – are now available in the C’n’I shop.

Post a comment below to let us know how and where you will be observing Clights Out Night in 2010.

Let’s hope it has the desired effect!

— Irish


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