Where will you be? CLIGHTS OUT NIGHT 2010

August 20 is just 2 weeks away now, so we want to know… How are you spending Clights Out Night 2010?

Irish is hoping to meet Clight right at the original spot where Clight ‘n’ Irish was envisioned – hoping the nostalgic surrounds will bring back the Clightly One’s original inspirations.

But we want to know how YOU will be recognizing this “moment of darkness” to reflect upon the gaping hole in your intellect that is empty in Clight’s absence.

The most creative “observation” of the moment will receive a Clights Out Night merchandise prize.



2 Responses to “Where will you be? CLIGHTS OUT NIGHT 2010”

  1. I will be on a flight from Sydney to the Gold Coast during this monumental event. As such I plan to reflect on Clight’s absence with eyes closed with the assistance of an eye mask. It won’t have quite the impact of my darkened Manhattan window last year, but I’m hoping, if I close my eyes really hard (with the mask covering my eyes to resist any temptation to open them) that Clight will emerge from his blog-hiatus and return to his CnI home. Don’t make me come over there to lure him to Nelson Blue in an effort to reminisce about the inception of CnI and what it means to so many!

    • clightnirish Says:

      Well Courts your flight inspired the latest post on clightnirish. I hope the security screeners in Sydney were more “gentle” with you!
      – Clight

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