A-Robbed!: fans revolt against greedy Rodriguez’s 600

On Wednesday, it finally came, and even Perez Hilton was (incorrectly!) covering it.  By Thursday, The Bleacher Report was asking if anyone really cares. And now, only 4 days later, Alex Rodriguez’s 600th career home run has become a black mark on his career.

Amid question marks over Alex sitting out Saturday’s game against the Redsox with an “injury sustained during batting practice”, we have inside gossip that the only thing injured is A-Rod’s ego. Apparently the multi-millionaire superstar is upset at fans that have been booing him since the home run, apparently for depositing the ball into the netting over Yankee Stadium’s Monument Park, where no fan could get a hold of the milestone rock.

“It just shows how much of a douche they guy is,” noted Larry Palmeto, a long-time Yankees fan from Westchester. “We paid a ridiculous price for bleacher seats today and my son spent 2 hours making this cardboard sign with holes in the zeros of “600”, yet Mister Self-Absorbed chooses to hit it where no fan can get it. I mean, we all know he could see the sign – the letters are in red for cryin’ out loud.”

Ricky McNichey of Teterboro, NJ, is even more irate than Palmeto: “After the Kansas City series here, I took a bus to Cleveland and then flew to damned Tampa to see this shot, and I got nada. And now first game back at the Stadium he pulls it out in his first at bat and neatly tucks the ball into the Park so he gets it back?  If he knew he was gonna do that, he could have been straight up about.  And, hey, it’s not about the money I wasted — but I had to spend 4 nights in Cleveland, damn it. Cleveland!!”

Word on the street is that even the big leagues are annoyed with A-Rod’s selfish display. For 13 Games the MLB was pausing the game to dish out specially sequentially-numbered, hologrammed baseballs to ensure that the right ball could be authenticated when number 600 was deposited into the hands of a lucky fan.

“And all that for nothing – Bud is pissed!” noted an MLB corporate insider, speaking about the mood of the MLB Commissioner Bud Selig under promise of anonymity. “All that hoop-la, and there was no need. Alex could have just told us how he was going to do it and we could have saved all that rigmarole. Bud thinks Alex just strung it out for the attention. Do you know how much it costs to put a hologram on a baseball? Well, it’s not free – and we wasted a bunch of them on that bloody prima donna!”

Still, A-Rod’s dinger didn’t disappoint on all levels, with Toronto fan Casey French admiring the hitter’s control. “If that was his plan, then you have to admire his pitch selection, and perfect execution,” she told us. “But he is still a giant ass.”

— Irish


3 Responses to “A-Robbed!: fans revolt against greedy Rodriguez’s 600”

  1. What it’s not like he actually has a choice of where to swing or where he wants the ball to land, in that case all ball players would hit grand slams evey game, this is just stupid!

    • clightnirish Says:

      Hi Yankee – thanks for joining the Clight’n’Irish Universe. It’s always nice to have new readers, however misguided!!

      Of course Alex could hit a home run to any spot he likes every pitch. All good HR hitters could go yard every time like clock-work if they were allowed. But there is the pesky issue of the script. The MLB writers controlling the season decided he had to hit it at home, and that it would add to the melodrama if he kept the ball from fans. (it’s only a matter of time before they give him a maniacal laugh after every dinger!)

      You don’t know about the script? Do you think Mo really could not have struck out the side in the 10th in Arlington last night? Of course he could have. But in order to bring bigger TV audiences in the important Texas market, MLB has written up the Rangers as this season’s heroes. That’s why the Mariners traded basically nothing for Cliff Lee, and why Josh Hamilton’s “shady past” storyline was written out and he has been allowed to hit freely this year.

      Sorry, if this bursts your bubble, Yankee. I still remember the first day I found out that politics are also not real. If it makes you feel any better, I can let you know you will definitely want to see what happens in the bottom of the sixth inning on Sept 17 against the Orioles. People will be talking about it for YEARS!!

      — Irish

  2. Sorry Yankee…but I agree with Irish on this one…but I also think that whoever thought up the stupid idea that it would be better if he missed the crowds needs to be shot. Granted, yes, no-body got physically hurt in the ordeal, but mental scars have been made MLB…think about that.

    With an unbias mental view of the standard American people – it seems that boycotting isn’t a frowned upon act in those parts. And personally I believe that’s what this will equal to….fans boycotting games because, really, what’s the point of being there if the chance of catching a piece of history is buckleys to none? (not that you stand a great chance anyways…but if there is NO-ONE where the ball is hit…less than buckleys).

    I personally feel incredibly sorry for that young man who spent two hours making a sign (first reason being that, kid…the players don’t care for your sign and I bet the people behind you don’t either)(and secondly…who spends two hours making a sign!!!!) because he clearly had his little heart set on catching that ball…even though I highly doubt a little dude was going to catch that ball without breaking something anyways.

    IDK…part of thinks “A-Rod dude…you’re one of, if not the most popular players for the yankees. keep your fans happy”, but really…if he wants to keep his (probably) ridiculous pay check then he best do what the bigwigs want.

    Sorry to burst your metophorical bubble Yankee…but Santa isn’t real either.

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