An open letter to the Monkeys in charge of NBC Late Night Programming

Dear Monkeys,

Well, well, well. Didn’t you just dodge a bullet?!?  Thanks to the comic mastery of Jon Stewart, you avoided what could have gone down as perhaps the most popular decision by Emmy voters since deciding NOT to add an award for “Tartiest Performance in a New Jersey Reality Program”.

When The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien (You know the show. The one you cancelled to give back to Leno!) was nominated for the Emmy for Comedy/Variety Program (and Leno wasn’t), the execs at TBS must have found it, well… very funny.

Before it’s even started, Coco’s show on TBS is commanding ad revenues equivalent to what you can get for The Old Show with that backstabbing Leno. You see you didn’t just re-launch Conan’s career by igniting a giant fan base for him as you booted him… you also created a villain – “The Chin” – out of a guy that Conan fans used to also love. And all this has custom-made a blockbuster audience for TBS who just sits back and picks up the pieces.

Thanks to your stupidity, Conan could just poop in a paper bag (you monkeys are familiar with the hilarity of poo gags) on the new show, and people will still watch it instead of The Chin.

I look forward to the first comparisons in the ratings from Nielsen. I wonder if GE will keep tolerating your monkeying once those numbers hit the press??

Or will they continue to let you do what you were so well trained to do at the zoo… throw piles of shit at an audience that is looking for entertainment!



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