Clights Out Night: early reports

While it may be daylight hours still in Europe and the Americas, the first countries beyond the date line have already began celebrating – or is that commiserating – Clights Out Night in record numbers. 

Clights home fans in New Zealand took the theme of “darkness” in his honour to a whole new level, with early reports suggesting many people had begun wearing shirts, hats and scarves denominating themselves as “All Blacks” – which we understand is a new cult dedicated to maintaining the darkness until He brings us back his Clight.  Some are even said to have gotten “All Blacks” tattoos – the ultimate homage. 


Across the ditch, Australians are marking the occasion with an almost “total continent blackout”, as seen in this satellite image of Australia taken at the precise moment of Clights Out Night on the eastern coast.  As you can see, a massive proportion of the country is bathed in darkness, with only a smattering of lights in the heavily populated coastal areas remaining on (presumably to ensure public and road safety etc). But there you have it Clight, almost a whole country “unlit” to wish you back into the writing fray. 

As the day progresses, we hope to bring you more images and videos of C.O.N.2010. And we hope you will send us yours to post… But most of all we hope that this out-pouring (or let’s say “out-trickling” for now) of emotion will once again see us “enClightened”. 

Thanks for the support.  

— Irish


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