Clights Out Night: darkness descends

In the ultimate statement that “a blog without Clight is like a world without light”, thousands of people around the world plunged themselves into darkness last night.  And while those people were just going to bed, at least 12 people celebrated Clights Out Night back where it all started (our blog, not evolution itself) at Nelson Blue at the South Street Seaport.

It was a grand sight to see the owner, Paulie, pulling beers in his “Clights Out 2010” t-shirt (get yours here) at the very bar where we decided our ale-inspired thoughts and conversations should have a home in the blogosphere.

Meanwhile, as you can see from this image, landmarks around the world from Paris to Dubai, Tokyo to Times Square, were dimming their lights to bid Clight back into the fray. Or testing their systems for Earth Hour – we can’t be sure.

Paris, Dubai, Tokyo, Sydney & New York get their dark on.

And, inspired by the outpouring of emotion, Clight wrote once again… so I will shut up now, and let you continue reading his brand of literary genius.

— Irish



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