Like a Tiger: new Wii game let’s you live Tiger’s past 12 months

I am no gaming nerd, but when Amazon sent an email today to look out for the upcoming release of EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, I will admit I got a little excited.

You see, typically the annual re-release of each EA game is barely different to the one before it, although it might update new team logos, player trades, or the new season’s uniforms.  But THIS YEAR’s edition of Tiger Woods promises so much more.

With Woods’s traumatic past 12 months, even non-golfers will enjoy this game – opening up a whole new target audience for EA, a wise business move.

The new features include:

  • “Tiger on the Prowl” – a “first-person rooter” (sorry to the non-Antipodeans who won’t get that) that is loosely based on the early-90s-PC series, “Leisure Suit Larry”.  After dressing your Tiger avatar in your choice of “after hours” Nike apparel  -choose from “Pimped Out”, “Lots of Leather” or the very brazen “Tiger Skin” (naked apart from a swoosh-emblazoned man-thong) – you can cruise the Country Club between rounds, looking to, ahhh… get in a few extra holes (if you know what I mean*).

Finally an EA game where you really do want to "get in the game".

  • There’s also some fun for those of you that like a good driving game: plug your Wii controller  into your Mario Kart steering wheel and race against time – and your 7-iron-wielding-soon-to-be-ex-wife – as you try to successfully reverse your Buick out of the garage and drive down the street without running off the road or sustaining any damage from a flying Titleist. It’s much harder than it seems, with even Tiger himself unable to make it off his own block at first attempt. Plug in a second controller and your lady-friend can even do the club-flinging (just make sure she fastens the wrist strap!)
  • And finally, for those that like the “puzzle game” genre, there is the “Press Challenge” feature, which, in the style of Taboo, requires you to answer a series of thinly-veiled questions about your romance troubles and focus on only talking about your round of golf today, without saying potentially double-entendre words and phrases, like “play a round”, “couldn’t find the hole today”, “I hit a good strong wood on 14”, or any use of the word “swinging”.

And if you just love golf, you will love the new features during game play, like the scantily-clad models trying to distract you behind each putt, the “flashback” mode, which will momentarily flash up a shot of your fire-eyed bride wielding a flaming club just as you try to execute a bunker shot, and the clever commentary that manages to relate every mishit back to your no-good filandering ways.

All in all… 5 stars, EA.

— Irish

(* And you do!)


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