The Real Losers in the Fashion Steaks?

Seriously people, so what if Lady Gaga wants to wear a raw meat dress? There’s a reason she not called “Lady Perfectly-Sane-and-Normal”.

In fact, we should encourage her to wear it more often, hoping that a bear catches up with her and saves us all from an even worse calamity: another Lady Gaga album.

— Irish


One Response to “The Real Losers in the Fashion Steaks?”

  1. Too right, Irish. We’d just have to make sure that she’s not a fast runner. That would be humiliating (and painful.)

    Judging from her costumes at the VMAs, however, she can hardly even walk, let alone run.

    What on earth possessed her? Everyone else at the awards wore clothing. Why did she seem to think it was Halloween night at an S&M parlor?

    — Clight

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