“Dave Dubbin”: the clight’n’irish lip dub challenge

Flash mobs are so 2006, Filipino prison dance routines are out of fashion and wedding parties dancing down the aisle were frankly never that cool anyway. Nowadays, they’ve all been shunted by the latest YouTube fad – LipDub videos. NBC’s The Office and Jessica Alba’s “Ibeatyou” crew have even got in on the act.  LipDub is definitely the buzz of the modern Interwebs. (Just type “lip dub” into YouTube if you don’t know what I mean.)

The fact that these videos obviously take a lot of work and deliver nothing more than the possibility of entertaining a few people that are bored enough to be searching YouTube at 3am… makes them exactly the type of pointless endeavour that Clight’n’Irish is all about.

But the musical choices of all the offices, universities and random other groups’ lip dubs out there show a severe lack of musical taste… Panic at the Disco, OutKast, BlackEyedPeas… are all not bad (on the other hand, Hempfield High School: Miley Cyrus? Bad!) but where are the songs that are really made for “lyp-syncing”. Like Bon Jovi’s Living on a Prayer? Or Huey Lewis & the News, “Hip to Be Square”?

And that’s when it struck me… the one song that would turn Lip Dub from “kitschy Internet fad” into true viral sensation (and not the kind that Paris Hilton is used to).

So I’m setting a C’n’I fan challenge: to assemble an international lip dub of Clight’n’Irish fans syncing to the distinctly Antipodean – and, let’s be honest, ‘MADE for lip syncing’ – tune, “Slice of Heaven” by kiwi legend Dave Dobbyn. You know the one: “baaaa da dum, boo-do baaaa da dum” (Got it yet? ….think Footrot Flats).

Bonus points for any reader who can strike bigger expressions or wear a louder shirt than Dave's original film clip effort.

As best as I can tell from watching a few lip dubs, there’s only a few rules:

  • the camera tracks people walking backwards through various scenes and lip synching a line or two before someone else takes over;
  • it should be one continuous camera take (okay ours is not gonna work that way – there’s the whole global co-ordination problem to work with!);
  • some people are in outfits or doing actions that mimic the lyrics, but other people are just in random and unconnected outfits or situations;
  • some people  have written signs of some lyrics, or the word on a t-shirt etc, rather than actually saying it.

So what we’re looking for is a about 6 to 10 C’n’I readers – from different parts of the world – to record about a 20-30 second segment of the song in your own style, within the lip dub rules above. You can make a whole production of it with your friends, or just be getting your karaoke on on your webcam wherever you normally read C’n’I!

We’re gonna add one extra rule to make this a uniquely Clight’n’Irish lip dub: you need to work in a light bulb and a shamrock (or a leprechaun, or something else uniquely Irish) into the visuals in your segment of the song. Whether it’s the real things, a picture of them, a tattoo of them, people dressed as them… Anyway you can think to include the two!

And for extra credit, we’ll send a C’n’I shirt or hoodie to anyone that manages to get a celebrity (at least an E class celeb!?!) to participate in your segment. The best celebrity wins!

Email us (clightnirish@gmail.com) by October 1 to let us know if you’re in… then I’ll slice (pun fully intended) up the song and allocate everyone a segment so you only have to make a short snippet and it won’t take you too much time. We’ll want video submissions by October 15, so I can edit and launch the video on the site in time for Halloween!

Let’s get Dave Dobbin the lip-dubbin’ respect he so greatly deserves!!

— Irish


One Response to ““Dave Dubbin”: the clight’n’irish lip dub challenge”

  1. Bulb-boy, your Nana would be proud – I don’t think there is a single Murray Ball book she didn’t own! XX

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