New Words with Friends

Inspired by a post on the new (and brilliant!) blog of my good friend, Rickie Khosla (check it out at, I decided to pen down a few other words that I have been trying to slip into everyday vernacular.  Try using these at your next summer BBQ… and if you do, post a comment to let us know.

lowbese (lo-beess) (noun): a newly ‘acceptable’ body weight classification at the low end of the obese range, as Americans give up on seeking a  ‘normal’ healthy body mass index. Use: “I might have a few extra pounds, but I am still only ‘lowbese’ compared to most people.”

boring pass (noun): the paper slip provided by increasingly cheap airlines that don’t even show a movie on a 4-hour flight.

authentish (adj): goods made kind of, sort of, roughly resembling a true traditional style, by craftsmen or artists with tenuous  connections  to another culture. Use: “Last night we had some delicious ‘authentish’ Tandoori cooked by this Russian lady who knows a Greek guy whose uncle’s grandfather actually had a flight stopover in Mumbai one time in the sixties!”

cargantuan (adj): describing the growing class of monstrous SUVs that easily swallow up to 8 adults, yet somehow do not require a bus or truck license and can be driven by any maniac.  Use: “Some old lady in a Chevy of cargantuan proportions ran four other cars off the highway today as she changed lanes.”

iphonetic (adjective): the style of spelling a word, syllable by syllable, so that it can be by pronounced and understood by Siri. Use: “What is the iphonetic spelling of your last name?”

preativity (noun): the surge of inspiration to begin an artistic work, without yet having a worthwhile idea or direction. Use: “Just ignore the half-complete macaroni Mona Lisa in the lounge room – my preativity got the best of me!”

phantastic (adj): supposedly brilliant but sorry, I’m just not seeing it. Use: “I’m told this Spanish guy has a phantastic cross-court backhand.”

Bud-wiser (adj): the false sense of being ten times smarter after consuming a dozen beers. Use: “I was feeling a bit Bud-wiser when I decided it was a good idea to invest in my cousin’s dog tanning booth business.”

re-licious (adj): describing the improved taste of leftovers when eaten the day after. Use: I liked the pizza on Friday night, but it was seriously relicious when I woke up on Saturday morning.

Try those ones out in your next Scrabble game.

— Irish


2 Responses to “New Words with Friends”

  1. Sanjiv Says:

    brilliant read !!!

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