About the Authors

About Clight:
Appropriately, the word “clight” means “enigma” in a bizarre regional dialect of the Himalayas. No-one is sure whether Clight was named this after his parents traveled there, or whether the tribe began using the word after he visited as an adult. Most believe the latter explanation, such is the power of Clight’s personal presence.

His charisma is so great, rumour has it that the fabled little boy in Holland never stuck his finger in a dyke – rather Clight turned back the in-coming ocean with his wit, charm and rugged good looks.

Outside of his writing, Clight prefers the quiet life, spending most days atop an undisclosed hillside playing Crowded House covers on a lion-skin drum, or reading the mail from his bevvy of female fans. “I never write back,” he says. “Yet, still they write and write and write.”

About Irish:
Before C’n’I, “Irish” was recognized around the world (in at least 2 countries, that is) as a gifted neo-abstract sculptor.

His work in the narrow and competitive field of “animals in the medium of household foods” has been described (largely by him) as “avant garde”, “provocative”, “inspiring” and “existentially delicious”.

Sadly, due to the delectable (and perishable) nature of his works, few are still on public display, however the Internet (well, this page) abounds with photographs of his most popular works such as “Cheese Dog… F@#k Yeah!”, “Cat-O-Lantern” and “Peel Puss”.

Irish's famed "Peel Puss"

A rare 'in production' shot of "Cheese Dog..."

Having turned his hand to blog writing, Irish is coy about a possible return to sculpture: “I don’t know. One day I might just find myself staring at an artichoke, yet seeing an echidna and it will just happen. But who knows? Creativity is a bizarre and fickle mistress.”


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