You Are Here: but why?

The aim of ‘Clight N Irish: the blog’ is to try to bring to light the little things in the world that rarely get discussed, which – although they seem innocuous and inane – in fact, grow to become an itch that society just can’t seem to scratch.

Post-modern self-help literature buffs might posit that one should not “sweat the small stuff” – and this is vaguely good advice.  Until the small stuff starts to compound, like one of those balls you used to make out of rubber bands as a kid.  (Also, because most deadly viruses are “really small stuff”, so the publishers might just want to append an explanatory note to this little gem of pop wisdom.  And if you are thinking that you can address those little viruses with “Chicken Soup for the Soul”, then someone really should take away your Barnes & Noble card.)

No, we are taking the opposite position here.  Just perhaps, the sum of all those little, niggling itches turns into something bigger, like some form of “societal eczema” – until we just feel like starting a war, or running our economy into the ground, merely to distract ourselves from the itching.  The infernal, endless itching.

So we merely aim to shed the light of scrutiny upon some of society’s littlest itches – and if we happen to enlighten one person, to change a single person’s outlook on life, well… that would just be a pure fluke.  And, frankly, a sad indictment on the quality of real moral guidance in the world.


Clight n Irish


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