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Posted in clight with tags on 5 December 2014 by clightnirish

LAMOThis advertisement on a sports website caught my eye, and not for the most obvious reason.

Let’s ignore the extremely unfortunate choice of brand name, which is lamo. Is the slur against their own product some kind of ironic hipster self-hate? Do hipsters even wear sheepskin boots? Or, are they implying that their footwear causes an inability to walk?

What caught my eye raises an important question that I’ve wanted to ask Irish for some time:

How does he feel about Australia’s national identity as “the birthplace of sheepskin footwear”?  And, does it bother him that LAMO are headquartered in Southern California, in a seemingly casual snub to a country that worked tirelessly to present the world with this expression of it’s national identity, the nadir of “relaxed comfort”?

It brings to mind some other national identities:

Sweden: Birthplace of frustrating assembly

France: Birthplace of indifference

Scotland: Birthplace of parsimony

Lebanon: Birthplace of the colour purple

North Korea: Birthplace of the greatest golfer in history

China: Birthplace of walls

Now that the epicenter of the sheepskin footwear industry is moving elsewhere, will Australia consider an alternate national identity to support a market they still compete in? Birthplace of the cork hat?

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